Everything you need to know about SEO

SEO is derived from the term Search Engine Optimization, which has equivalent words such as SEO or search engine optimization, which all have the same meaning and can be defined as follows:

SEO (search engine optimization) does not mean cheating or manipulating search engines with unethical methods. They are designed to help improve the visibility and relevance of websites in natural search results with the aim of achieving high rankings.

SEO can be considered as a set of methods for strategically changing websites. This process expresses the most important relevant factors of the page and increases its importance in the search results page.

SEO is not a simple process that is easy to implement because it requires a lot of knowledge, background knowledge and patience. 

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What is the importance of SEO?

Most internet users find their pages on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Therefore, proper SEO is your key to getting more traffic. In addition, search engines provide users with what they are looking for, so they will have more trust in your site compared to online advertising, which shows what SEO is worth and why it should be considered.

 Keywords searched by users in search engines are very important, experience has shown that attracting a lot of visitors through Google can guarantee the success of any company. Visiting SEO methods is superior to any type of advertising and will cost you less in the long run.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Because Google is the largest search engine in the world, SEO is based on Google's ranking criteria and rules.
Every time you search for a keyword on Google, you will see a long list of search-related results, called SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. Most audiences do not go beyond the first page of the results and on the same page, especially in the first three rows of the list, they answer their question and do not check the continuation of the results.

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Organic search or direct traffic from Google will attract a lot of visitors to your site and in this way you will earn money and profit.

Google has snatched a significant portion of the search market from other competitors such as Bing Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu. This means that not all search engines will be able to generate professional traffic and branding for you. As I said before, Google has an 85% share of the search market. If you take a look at the list of searches on Google, you will be amazed at the results. In between searches, from what I cook to Darwin's theory of evolution, and the sciences of philosophy, you can see everything!

Given this, it is quite clear that you have to follow Google's rules to win his heart, and Google in return for generosity will increase your site traffic.

What are the goals of SEO?

What are the goals of SEO?

The goal of SEO is to help websites rank high in natural search results and increase the relevance between pages and keywords entered by users. Showing the most pages related to the entered search query has many benefits for both the user and the search engine in that the user gets the most relevant search results and the search engine becomes more reliable because its algorithm shows the most relevant pages. .

After SEO started to improve the ranking of sites in natural search results, this process required knowledge and time to implement its methods. Time is the biggest initial investment to optimize a site or a page.

Depending on how competing keywords are used in the optimization, SEO can take weeks or months to get results. Although search engine optimization results may not be seen quickly, in the long run the benefits of SEO will increase site rankings and increase visitors. It is very important for websites to be on the first page of Google search results, especially among the top three natural results, which account for 58.4% of clicks.

Not surprisingly, websites compete with the products and services they sell for rankings in search results. For example, the competitive keyword "auto insurance" accounts for 1.5 million Google searches per month, which means that the top three rankings account for 58.4% of visitors and the top three rankings for 36.4% of visitors. This is beneficial for many sites that are at the top of the search results, especially those that increase the number of their customers as the site traffic increases.

Another study shows that searchers are very fond of clicking on natural links in search results; The study found that 72.3% of Google users click on natural links to search results, and only 27.3% of users click on paid list links. This is another reason why companies are aware of the impact of SEO and are willing to spend time and money on it.

SEO offers you customer trust and confidence

SEO affects the buying cycle

The goal of any experienced SEO is to create a clear and effective user experience of the target website, and with this approach to internal and external SEO, because Google is the best and most effective platform for building trust for customers.

You need to keep in mind that to build a lasting reputation you need patience, effort and commitment to gain the trust of site visitors. First and foremost, make sure Google trusts you, so your audience will trust you.

Customers are always researching to buy. Brands need to be gathered in one place so that customers can put them together and compare. Just like the old markets of Iran, where each guild operated in a certain order of the market.

Principles and factors of SEO puts you next to your competitors and presents related businesses in a reliable list according to the needs and desires of the user.

Of course, the benefits of SEO are much more than these three, but I think these three, namely traffic, trust and shopping cycle, is the most important and basic need of an online business, and without them, no business will succeed.

It's not really clear what criteria are involved in ranking sites, and Google protects them like a hidden treasure. It depends on the competitors of that website whether a website is ranked higher in the Google results list or falls below its current ranking.

Google does its best to provide the best and most relevant websites to its users. For this purpose, a large number of evaluation parameters are examined. The better a website scores on these parameters, the more it's outperforming its competitors, and the more likely it is to fall behind and move closer to the top of the list.

SEO technical

In SEO technical, your focus should be on the appearance of the site, the overall settings, the quality of the content and technical issues, and the relevance such as reactivity. In order to observe the technical SEO, your site should not have any technical problems and should be displayed correctly on all devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and of course, you should also pay attention to customer orientation and produce attractive and audience-friendly content.
The difference between internal and technical SEO is very clear. Whenever we talk about internal SEO, we mean optimization and troubleshooting in one site tab, while SEO optimization is about the whole site, ie the sum of tabs, posts, settings and a summary of everything related to the site, optimization strategy and method. Offers. 

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Writing for search engines meant setting meaningless text, injecting keywords into the text, providing useless links, forcing users to click, and so on.

Writing for users, while satisfying visitors, does not necessarily lead to better search engine rankings.

Fortunately, in recent years, with the improvement of search engine algorithms and the development of artificial intelligence and text analysis, such cases have become less and less common.

A little research will convince you that adhering to the principles of SEO and the standards set by search engines, can increase the satisfaction of your readers and users while improving the SEO of the site.

Also, trying to increase user satisfaction will usually help improve your search engine rankings.

For this reason, unlike in previous years when search engines were blamed for the decline in the quality of content production on the web, today such a description is much less heard and used.

seo is a competition

SEO is a competition for which no end can be imagined.
The important and common point is that all managers are trying to sell their products and services. On the other hand, the name of the website must be in the Google search page, and in this case, SEO is important.
There is no shortcut to getting your site on the first page of Google search. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you're a techie who knows what he's doing. Implement.

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Which search results are organic or natural?

Which search results are organic or natural?

Organic search results are those that are created by SEO and are not displayed in the Google advertising system just by spending. It is very easy to identify organic results from advertising results. Advertising results have an Ad tag next to them. But today, despite the changes in search methods, how can organic results be distinguished from others? 

Today, search results (properly known as SERPs) include a combination of advertising and dynamic organic results. Examples of natural dynamic search results include Answr Box, People Also Ask, Image Slides, and more. These features are being upgraded and changed depending on what users are looking for.

For example, if you search for "Tehran weather" on Google, you will see a result at the top of the page that predicts Tehran weather in the next few days. As another example, if you search for the phrase "Tehran Pizza", you will see three fast foods that offer pizza in Tehran.

It is natural for search engines to use ads to monetize. Their goal is to provide better answers to users, return them to search engines in the future and spend more time users in search results.

Some Google features such as featured snippets or related questions can be influenced by SEO. At the same time, some of these features are not affected by SEO. For example, data from websites such as Wikipedia, WebMD and IMDB is due to the high credibility of these resources.

Although ads, social networks and other platforms can be effective in generating traffic to the website, the main source of site traffic is search engines.

Natural results get a higher percentage of traffic as usual. For example, according to research, only 2.8% of American users click on Google ads. In short, SEO creates 20 times more traffic than click-through ads on mobile and Google.

SEO is one of the only marketing methods that, if implemented properly, will increase its impact over time. If you have content on the website that deserves to be ranked, the traffic generated from this content will also increase over time, while advertising requires spending money and charging an account to be applied.

Search engines are getting smarter, but they also need our help. Website optimization helps search engines to better understand the content of the site and therefore the content of the website is properly indexed and displayed in search results.

What is SEO and what is its use? 

What is SEO and what is its use?
Most online marketing methods such as advertising and email marketing are valuable as long as you use them consistently and as soon as you stop your business you will experience a severe decline or loss of that marketing channel but content marketing and SEO for business. Your work creates lasting added value that will be profitable to you for a long time, even after you have stopped working.
Success in SEO requires a lot of time and effort, but achieving it will be very sustainable and will become one of your most important marketing channels for a long time. To get to this point we need to know the SEO standards properly,

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What is the purpose of increasing revenue by increasing traffic with seo?

Today, many businesses, in addition to traditional activities, also operate online, and their goals are to start online businesses, earn money, increase revenue and ultimately develop their business. Many sales sites do not care about their business process and only start an online business, the result of which can be just a passing sale. While some other sites are constantly paying attention to their business and they try to increase the number of visits to the site and optimize the content and pages of the site, big steps to increase product sales as well as business development. And operate. 

So the first goal of SEO is to determine your desire to increase sales and boost your business. In the meantime, you need to determine the duration of your business. Do you want to work in this field for a long time or do you want it to be for you only for a short time and only for a small profit?

Increasing traffic and traffic is one of the goals of SEO

One of the goals that is used in site optimization and many webmasters pay special attention to it, is to increase the number of visits or increase site traffic. With this, you can achieve the highest rankings of Google search list and the top. Along with this increase in ranking, sales will also increase, and as a result, the prosperity and development of the business will also increase.

Do a Google search to clarify this issue, if your site link is not on the first page of Google, it means that your site traffic and traffic is low. While many sites are trying to use every trick to increase SEO and get closer to the first page of Google search. Definitely every trick or trick that you use in site optimization, is considered as one of the applications and goals of SEO.

What does it mean to get the best ranking in search results with seo?

At first glance, it may seem impossible to rank high in Google search, but with a little tact, you can achieve this. Getting first or first place in Google search will be possible when you are constantly optimizing your site content. These optimizations can somehow help your business grow and maintain your site in the top and highest Google search rankings. Doing so may be costly for you, as there is a lot of competition between different and similar sites and you need to keep track of it. One thing to keep in mind is choosing a keyword that can help you beat your competitors. Therefore, be very careful in choosing a keyword and this can be considered as one of the SEO goals. This trick can help you recoup your expenses.

When you do a Google search for a word, you will see a list of results on different pages. These pages are called "SERPs" or "search engine results pages". If you own a site and your site is not visible on the first page of SERPs then you need to optimize your site for search engines. This is where SEO or search engine optimization comes into play and for many people the question arises as to what SEO really is and how it is done. Simply put, SEO refers to all the steps that need to be taken on your site to improve your site's ranking. Some of the most critical actions you need to take on your site include optimal site design, the right content strategy, and the production of valuable content, which are among the most basic things in optimizing a site.

By optimizing your site pages, you can rank higher in the search results of Google or other search engines. SEO focuses on improving rankings on organic results (natural rather than paid). If you have a site and you want to get more traffic, SEO should be part of your marketing efforts.