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Benefits of Google Ads

in today 's world we 're seeing different types of ads . google search for google search is one example of a variety of ads that these days have been considered due to the growing importance of google . in fact , every brand and company can succeed in producing more products and services to more people . next , we examine the strong current of ads in google .
when you search a key word like the online order of the book in google , a lot of stores , depending on the ratings they have in google , are shown to you respectively . usually , if there is an advertisement in persian and with these keywords , the ad will be displayed at the beginning or end of the page as an ad . these results are actually advertising .

Google Ads

google adwords is the one in which it is possible to spend with the target audience at the time and at the end of the time , the target audience for the business was achieved using keywords .

suppose that you can develop a new one . enter the google search page and type the term " buy your shopping " . from among the first results that google will show you , you 'll choose a few sites and review their product . if you 're a lot of research and then shopping , you 'll also visit google 's second page , but the results shown on the third page do not have any chance at the front page and the second page . so if someone has a site to sell their customers , they 'll try to shine among the first results and attract more audiences . that 's where the ad is very important in google .

Google search advertising importance

Being strong in advertising , especially in digital marketing, there is no doubt that Google " s platform is known as one of the Internet giants . In many countries , users are the main users of the user . Such advertisements have the advantage that they are fully automated and are actually represented to users who are looking for such services and services . Indeed , the most important principle of successful marketing is product supply to those looking for it . Language , city , and time are among the challenges that make these ads easier .

Google search

now consider a mobile salesperson who is interested in developing business and increasing sales of its products . therefore , it is possible to use different methods of advertising and selling . to order a site itself and start selling its mobile online . but as his site is just being established , google search results are not on the first pages . he decides to make his website better . however , it requires capital and time to give him the desired outcome . so he goes to google 's clicks .

by buying and charging your adwords account , he starts building campaigns and adds the key phrase " selling your sales " and advertising your google advertising . in the next half hour , search for the term in his store 's website will appear on the first pages of google search and his visit and sales at the end of the time will be transformed with a less !

so we shouldn 't ignore the importance of advertising in google and its first pages . given that almost everyone uses google , you can find the most - connected and most - time google 's clicks with your ads , at the time of the most relevant and most audience volume to other ads . because google will show you your ad in the right place and place , according to your keyword 's key phrase .

How to show ads in Google

How to show ads in Google

There are only 7 ads on Google search pages only . However , if the number of applicants from 7 are higher , who will be top priority ? The answer can be answered by one word , auction ! In fact , applicants determine the ads with a keyword or a keyword list for each user clicks . Finally , those who have won the auction are displayed in different parts of the screen with respect to the amount of ads in the ads .

Note : The person who offers the most for the auction is definitely chosen ? Unfortunately the answer is no . Ad quality is very important to Google . For this reason , Google has created a qualitative rating criterion for individuals . را the system of recommendations based on ad - searching , the experience of users on similar تبلیغ‌کننده sites and the rate of clicks . Finally , it is obtained for each offer that determines the chosen people by the bidding rate .