love in iran

Love is an intense emotional sensation that is expressed in a hidden and revealing face than the other, which is usually the same as the opposite sex. Considering that the woman and the man are complementary and complement each other, instead of saying the opposite sex, it is best to say that the supplement is a completely complex and multi - dimensional situation. The exchange of affection is a humane need. To be loved.

love in iran

Making love is, in fact, the uninterrupted process of creating love on the foundations that have existed and been built within us from the beginning. Love is always present in all human beings. But at every moment of our lives, it goes through a different stage of development. Although pure and unseen love may seem easy, only a handful of people can handle it. True love does not require possession. In this love, the lover is free and compassion, without any current expectations. In fact, falling in love with any level of expectation is doomed to despair and hopelessness, because it seems unlikely that anyone, regardless of the amount of love and self-sacrifice, can meet all our needs as human beings.

Everything we do in life is for love. Love is God. Love is the experience of the sacred. Love is the main motivation and motivation of all the small and big things we do. Someone once said: "Nobel laureates are looking for love. "The award is just an excuse." When you call love into your life and consciously and voluntarily fill your life with love, then many miracles happen in your life. Your life will be a manifestation of love itself. You see that impossible things will happen in your inner and outer life. If you try to make love, all the good things in your life will flow.

The more we immerse ourselves in the love and the miracle and the beauty around us, the more love flows into our lives. The more we love, the more we are able to love. When we love the world and its inhabitants, this love manifests itself and returns to us like a boomerang. One way to practice love is to always put yourself in the other person's shoes in any situation, sometimes changing your plans and asking yourself, "What do I want to see in this situation?" And then show the same reaction. Do not doubt that this method works perfectly.

If you are looking for love, take the time to listen to your heart because our heart is the source of connection and closeness with the whole of life, and life means love. This mysterious feature of love surrounds our whole being and is as real and tangible as the gravitational force of the earth. However, how many times do we forget love! Love begins with the realization that what deeply satisfies us is not our possessions and our actions, but the state of our heart, our inner being, and our circumstances. What we ask ourselves at the end of life is very simple and clear: Am I in love well? Am I deeply in love with the people around me and with society and the earth?

The key to love is not choosing the lover. In other words, we should not devote all our love power to one thing and to one person, but we should love everything that is available to us. Instead of waiting for the desired perfection and closing the gates of our hearts to our opponents, we can love all who stand in front of us. We can even fall in love with people we have never seen or known.

a look at the love in ancient Iran

The love of bizhan and manizheh, goshtasb and katayoon, and the impure and soodabeh love of siavash and soodabeh, are among them "pure and unclean love" and in front of them, lili and unclean love and love of khosro and shirin, all of which are in classical Persian literature.

best love

"A healthy person is one who can work well and love well," says Freud.

"Love is what drives the 'spirit of the world to change and evolve,'" says Paolo Coelho.

"Life without love is devoid of joy and happiness," says Maria Curie.

Healthy people have the talent to fall in love and practically taste the sweet taste of love. Sexual need is one of the basic and physiological needs of human beings that brings boys and girls, men and women together. Girls and boys in adolescence, more influenced by unstable feelings and fleeting emotions, enter each other's emotional realm and create love adventures. In this story, teenagers, especially girls, expect their love affair to end in marriage, regardless of whether the marriage is right or wrong, reasonable or unreasonable at this age and in these circumstances. Or untimely! These loves and marriages usually have no end and in most cases fail and lead to divorce and separation.

best love in iran

The world is one of the most critical times in terms of emotional relationships. This situation has a global aspect and is one of the manifestations of globalization.

Today, many intellectuals around the world think why this situation and how it is corrected. This crisis has begun early in the West, which is why scholars of this country are pioneers of research and reflection in this arena.

Iranian culture in the field of love is the author's culture. the land of iran especially during its development, whether pre - islamic and post - islam, has been the litrature and author. It is one of the manifestations of its thought and creativity in the range of human and emotional relations.

love in my iran

sample of romance in different communities:

In all our relations, love and affection have a theory that never changes. In this sense, pure love is always loved, not sexual desire; for pure love, in mythology, derives from ideal friendship between two men, and thus, from that source, it has been thus elevated and elevated to appeal. In the early assemblies, the friendship between the two men was always the example of a complete spiritual union,

This brotherly friendship had been so deep that the two men would have defended it till their lives, and when necessary they would sacrifice their lives for the other. for instance, two knights in the middle ages, in the defence of honor and honour, to death. Many of the tribes in africa, asia, and asia have known this better than the blood fraternity. This friendship has been pure and sublime.

In a long time a man's friendship, the only example of pure love, was the best example of pure love, followed by an example, an example of kindness, a mixture of kindness. And so, by little by little, the woman "s legs were formed, and loyalty - which was the most important base of male friendships - had gradually become the lover" s right to love, and the cult of

In fact, ladies, from this moral and moral code, took advantage of the absence of love to sexual passions; but in the East there was an early emergence of love, and in the Persian literature a symbol for showing the clear need for an emotional union of sexual morality,

In the West, as well as the content of the eating of the heart, there was something like an aged memory, and of the mingling of blood or the heart of two, the soul of them immortal.

The emergence of love in culture

When we go through our inner workings of life, we feel the feeling that it has experienced many times its experience: " Love." The three - letter word is certainly no stranger to anyone but has worked closely with it, hearing a song of soul - burning, poem, and a fiery story, us into a sea of love. What surrounds the center of this central nucleus, and the diversity of the love, is the society that extends this seed to the stomach. In this account, as cultures are different, they are different in a different way. If culture is defined as a set of norms, norms, values, values, love is also born in harmony with the cultural elements of every society; and the ways that are spread from the East to the west of this expanse.

love is life

Many people are attracted to each other but do not live happier ever after. Why? Because most of them confused traction with the meaning of love.   

When you love someone, you value that person a lot because you have made a choice and suggest ways to increase that interest and love. You also make comfort and progress the highest priority of your friend and lover. Yes, this is a choice and you need to gather information that takes time. So there are not many reasons and things as the first sign of love.   

However, in this example, suggesting solutions on your part does not mean sacrificing or being deprived of the initiatives and experiences of others. Most people describe "loving" as "helping others' experiences." But psychologists familiar with human behavior realized that "loving" had a different meaning. When you love, you experience life and happiness potentially.   

Therefore, those who love others have the most valuable gift they should give: their happiness, understanding and love for life. For others, these things are more valuable than money, and they still want to love for free. So a strange thing happens. By loving, they fill the lives of others with joy, vitality, and the understanding or understanding that is part of their being. When all these good things enhance a person's life, the person expresses those feelings, giving birth to a new birth joy that can be shared between the two. Therefore, by making love, people receive love involuntarily, even if they did not make love with this intention.

what is love

In some cases, excess of love can sometimes take a form that is sometimes harmful and dangerous, and sometimes it is a feeling of happiness and happiness. But in general, romance is a deep and tender feeling that is compatible with the peace - loving and humanity - loving sense. Love is a feeling of deep emotion and affection for others or an endless appeal to others. In fact, love can be viewed as a deep, indescribable feeling that one divides that into a two - way relationship with the other. Yet the word "love" says different meanings in different terms: in addition to romantic love that is full of passions and sexual desire, other kinds of love like platonic love, religious love, love of family, and I love Graham. In Greek, there are different kinds of words for different kinds of love, and in fact the word of love in Greek is expressed in the form of many words, but in English it means a myriad 

i love you

Types of love

Astonishing Love - The term Agape was used by the early Christians (and especially the Greeks, the root of the Greek word) to refer to unconditional acceptance and love of a person. This type of love is based on decision, not emotion.

Dignified love - a kind of polite and dignified behavior that was used in the late Middle Ages for women and their lovers.

False love - a kind of false love with the aim of gaining material things (the concept of love can not be given to this type)

Sexual love (eros) - sexual desire for a person

Love for family - Love for family members and kindness to them

Free love - sex based on a person's choice that is not limited to marriage

Infatuation - used in the New Testament to mean conditional emotional love, meaning "I love you because ..."

Platonic love - a close relationship in which sex is absent or repressed or restricted.

Outward love - a romantic relationship in which there is no necessary maturity and it is not "true". The word has a negative connotation and emphasizes that love in adolescence is usually less real.

Love of religion - commitment and love of God or religion

Romantic love - a love that combines intimacy and sexual desire

True love - unconditional love or special motivation. Loving a person only for himself and not for his behaviors or beliefs. It also refers to unconditional love.

One-sided love - the seal of affection that is one-sided

Lust - Emotion based on lust and desire for self-satisfaction.

Instant love - The love that arises the moment a person first contacts someone. This love is widely mentioned in stories and literature and is known as "love at first sight".

Love requires sacrifice - sacrifice and sacrificing one's life or something of value based on love.

Mythical Love - Mythical loves full of passion and excitement are called mythical love.

Love is a strong

Love is a strong emotional feeling that is expressed openly and secretly towards another person, who is usually complementary (opposite sex). Given that men and women are complementary and complement each other, instead of mentioning the opposite sex, it is better to say that complementary sex, love is a very complex and multidimensional situation. The exchange of love is a human need. In order for them to love us, we must love others.

love is best

Studies have shown that when you feel a lot of love and affection, dramatic changes take place in the body and the body shows different reactions. In the past, the word love was thought to have Arabic roots; But Arabic and Hebrew both belong to the Semitic language family, and the Semitic root words always have the same meaning in both Arabic and Hebrew; And it is strange that the word "love" has no Hebrew counterpart, and the word used in Hebrew for love is ahav, which is related to the Arabic habba; But the new view of scholars is that the word "love" is derived from the Avestan word iška meaning desire, desire and inclination, which is also related to the Avestan word iš meaning "to desire, to desire, to desire and to seek". Also, according to Bahram Farhoushi, this word in Middle Persian in the form of išt means desire, inclination, wealth and wealth. The Avestan and Sanskrit words themselves mentioned above come from the first Indo-European (Aryan language) root, ais, meaning to desire, desire, and seek, whose form aissk a is to desire, inclination, and search. Apart from Avestan and Sanskrit, in several other languages ​​there are surviving excerpts from the Indo-European word ais.

Scientific views of love

Throughout history, the two categories of philosophy and religion have said the most about the concept of love. Over the past century, psychology has commented extensively on love. Today, the sciences of evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, neuroscience, and biology have debated the nature and function of love. In gender biology models, love is presented as an instinct in mammals such as hunger and thirst. Psychology considers love as a social and cultural phenomenon. The famous psychologist Robert Steinberg proposed the triangular model of love and considered love to have three elements: intimacy, commitment and lust. In the intimacy phase, people tell each other the secrets and details of their personal lives. Intimacy usually manifests itself in friendship or romantic love. Commitment is waiting for the romantic relationship to last forever. Lust or sex is the third form of love that is the most important parameter. Yala changed this model slightly and divided lust into sensual lust and romantic lust

god is love

The lexical and idiomatic meaning of love

Love in the word is extreme love, fascination, affection, attachment and excessive friendship.

According to the Sufis, the foundation of the universe is based on love, and this is the vibrancy that pervades his whole being. So true perfection must be sought in love.

And the definition of love according to the people of conduct is that you give what is useful to you from the goods of the world to others and what is beneficial to you from others and what is harmful to you is tolerance and wisdom.

The name is the source of the source of love [love] and it means excess in love due to chastity or immorality and it is said that its derivation is from love, meaning the lip that wraps around the tree and is attached to it. The crowd of perfections is called love in one essence, and this was nothing but right.

Love is a pure and pure essence that does not enter under the name, formality, word and description, and at the beginning of its origin, it draws the lover to the valley of pure annihilation, and in such a way that it does not leave a name, sign and description of him and erases his essence. The end of the matter is neither lover nor lover, and that is where love manifests in both forms and is characterized by both descriptions, sometimes it becomes lover and sometimes it becomes lover.

When love reaches its perfection, it overthrows the powers and disables the senses, and deprives nature of food, and throws boredom between love and creation, and becomes bored with the words of a non-friend, or becomes ill, or perishes.

The concept of love in the term of philosophers

It is considered and desired by some philosophers such as Plato, man understands love in the world in a relative and virtual way and in the world of celibacy he has seen Hassan in the veil of hijab and because he sees Hassan in the world in a relative and virtual way, sadness She shakes his hand and lifts the air of his love. He is seduced by the world and wants to fly towards him like a bird in a cage. The emotions and factors of love are all the same as the desire to meet the truth.
Sadr al-Din Shirazi considers love in its general sense to be present in all beings and particles of the universe and believes in innate love and has divided love into three parts: minor love, medium love, and great love. And on the other hand, it has been divided into chaste, rational and status, and on the other hand, it has been divided into real and virtual. Sheikh Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi considers love to be derived from love, and love makes a human being, who is a straight tree of al-Qama and rooted in the kingdom, as a plant of love.

mother is love

Loving is not only a natural feature of every human being, but love is present in all beings and particles of the universe and even has a role in the creation of human beings, in other words, it is the secret of human creation and it has been studied that God speaks in various verses of the Qur'an. He has mentioned a friend who sometimes loves a group because it has certain characteristics: "Allah loves the repentant and loves the purified and loves the pious" and sometimes he loves a group because of their nature.

Therefore, it can be said that there is a close connection between love and monotheism, and to reach the knowledge of the Almighty, the way of love and affection for God is one of the three ways mentioned for him, and the other two ways (the way of austerity and the way of worship) are side by side. It is love and affection for God.

That is why the people of the heart go beyond the foot and through loving and mystical devotion, they not only fell in love with God and in the shadow of the path of love, they found the beloved Anas in solitude, but they themselves fell in love with God. And great people like Hafez, who were the fruit and product of the deep and deep-rooted tradition of Islamic mysticism and praised that mysticism that seeks the true survival of man in the annihilation of God, and until the stain of man and semen is not removed from human existence, human existence cannot be secluded. The house of Hazrat is right.

Real and virtual love

Sadr al-Din Shirazi has divided love into two types, real and virtual. The rational stage ends.
The highest love is divine love, which is the highest authority of mystics and originates from observing the beauty of Hazrat Haqq. The owners and possessors of such love are united. The second type of love is intellectual and specific to the people of knowledge. The third type is spiritual love. Those who enjoy this love whose essence of existence has reached the utmost tenderness and purity. The fourth type of natural love is that animals also share in the enjoyment of this divine gift with ordinary human beings. The fifth type is cruelty, which is the way of the wicked and the windy. In his view, such a lover is in the minds of lusts, which of course is condemned both in the Shari'a and in the view of common sense.

love is hafez

Love in terms of mysticism and mystics

In the term of mystics, most of them have considered the truth of love indefinable because it is not possible to define love logically in this way.

Abolhassan Dailami writes in Atf Al-Af about this: The different answer of mystics is due to the difference between the seekers and the difference in their degrees of understanding.

Dailami considers love to be the boiling of love and the end of the authorities of love. He believes that love and affection are two words for a single meaning: "Homa is the sky with a single meaning". He considers love to be a luminous truth and how it is connected to the worlds of mind, soul and body. He deals with it and finally mentions it as the adornment of the beloved and the adjective of the beloved.

Hamedani's view of the principle of love and affection calls love a kind of madness, but madness that is superior to all intellects.

Ibn Arabi also explicitly says: The greatest gods are Hui.

Imam Khomeini (may God bless him and grant him peace) believes that in relation to love, man is the essence of love, and in the nature of all beings, he has invented and invented innate love and mountain love. Imam considers love as human instinct and considers it as the cause of man's connection with his Creator and goes beyond this stage and considers the emergence of the world owe to love in the sense of the innate love of Hazrat Haqq to Haqq: From the creatures and the origin of one of the perfections from the perfections, the love of the heavens بال »

Although Hafiz himself is a pious man and according to some Hafiz scholars, he was not dependent on a series of poverty and Sufism, but with the acquaintance he gained from some mystics and also understood the spirit and truth of theoretical mysticism to some extent. In this regard, he has acquired the same belief, and on this basis, he considers love as life and life, and calls those who are drowning in this valley "lovers", and whoever is far from this truth is dead in his eyes. It is mobile that can even be called "dead prayer".

It never dies that its heart was revived to love

It is a record in the journal of our enduring world

love and hafez

Love has a high status in Persian literature. If we take a brief look at Persian literary works, this fact will become clear to us. Khajeh Shams-ud-Din Mohammad Hafez Shirazi is also one of the many writers who has depicted the beloved's line and motto with his imaginary forms.

Who is Hafez's lover or what ?! Most scholars believe that Hafiz is a mystic and that the lover in his poems is God. Some, very few, believe that the lover in most of Hafez's poems is "a beautiful boy."

Hafez's poems are the result of different periods of his life. It is better to say that Hafez has poems describing each of his three lovers, and it is not the case that love belongs to all poems.

We will discuss "Hafez Beloved" in future articles.

But about the heart and intellect in Hafez's poems

In his clear poems, Hafiz Eshgh Pisheh has always taken the side of love and has preferred the heart to the intellect. When Hafez describes love, he also brings the intellect to the valley and confronts it with love. Love is accompanied by the passion of anesthesia, which may lead to the madness and sabotage of the lover. He loses what he says:

He said that you are not crazy, you do not deserve this house

I went and went crazy, I became a tyrant

Hafez also points to this point in another way and addresses the wise:

If the intellect knows that the heart is in bondage because it is happy

Let the wise go after our chains

Or elsewhere:

Let me make a nice point, look at that spot

See the mind and soul tied to the chains of that wig

Or elsewhere:

Wisdom went crazy that black dynasty

Zama's heart sank. Where is Deldar's eyebrow?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau has an interesting sentence in his book of confessions: "I fell in love only through my intellect."

Lake Hafez considers the condition of acquaintance or learning or basically falling in love to be in love and considers the intellect to be imperfect in this way:

O you who love the verse from the Book of Wisdom

I was afraid that this point was ignored by the research

Or elsewhere:

In a factory that is not the path of wisdom and grace

Poor understanding of the prying vote why

How beautifully Rumi says in this regard:

Wisdom in its description Chow donkey slept in the mud

The description of love and a lover also said love

Lovers command from their hearts and, as Ghazali says, the heart is the prince of their existence. The heart is also the source of emotion and passion, and emotion, as Russell says, is the rival of reason. Announces reason:

Beware of the fear of reason and bring us

There is nothing to do in our province

Or elsewhere:

On the intelligent institution of the hand of love

Do you want to leave the intelligence behind?

Or elsewhere:

I just turned around to ask the cause of the separation pain

The Mufti of reason was irrational in this matter

There is a lot of talk about heart and intellect in Hafez's poems. The last point is that we did not examine Hafez's approach to reason and only mentioned the relationship between reason and heart in Hafez's poems.

The eunuch knew that I was in love and said nothing

Hafiz also knows what will happen to me 

Rejoice my soul, which is sad

Love is the most recurring theme that poetry has long been written about in all languages and in all cultures. Love; The most complex and profound human feeling that no one has been able to define precisely, and yet most people claim to have experienced it. A feeling that is somewhere in everyone's heart and is waiting for an opportunity to come out of its shelter. That is why we love beautiful paintings and music, we remember the emotional sentences of movies and stories, and we want to read love poems and beautiful and emotional sentences over and over again.