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If you are a webmaster, you are definitely looking for ways to increase your website traffic. One of the best and most important ways to increase site traffic is to reach the top of Google in keywords related to your website activity by working on SEO and site optimization.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is abbreviated to SEO. If we want to translate these three words accurately, we should say "search engine optimization", but a better and more common translation can be the phrase "site optimization for search engines".

SEO is a set of actions we take to reach the top rankings of search engines. Some of these actions are done on the website and some are done outside the website in order to eventually reach the top rankings in the target keywords and increase the number of visitors to the search engines.

what is seo

SEO or abbreviated SEO The term Search Engine Optimization means search engine optimization. In fact, in an expert and detailed translation, it should be stated that SEO means designing web pages in a way that is desired by search engines.

Nowadays, one of the ways to achieve a good ranking for any site is to master the algorithms used in search engines. Algorithms or can be put into simpler and somewhat beginner language; Tricks of web pages. Because many internet users get their desired results through these search engines.

Make no mistake, web page tricks do not refer to the literal meaning of tricks, such as Windows tricks. Trick means implementing and observing a series of principles, rules and rules in design that lead to more search engines paying attention to your site.

In fact, by optimizing your web pages, you can increase your inputs from search engines such as Google and Bing.

It is very important that your site for a particular word such as "domain" in a powerful search engine such as Google on multiple pages or even larger; Appear in several results.

The more powerful and efficient your site SEO is and the more optimized your pages are in a general statement, the more valuable and credible the search engines will be to your site in the face of various words.

So if you ask the experts from the beginning to consider SEO for your website, this will be much more beneficial for you.

In fact, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, SEO means the same design of your web pages according to the latest desire, or more precisely according to the latest techniques used in search engines so that search engines from They like your website.

So if you want your site to be popular in search engines and on the other hand in searching for words related to your site content, be one of the first search engine results, be sure to consult with experts in this field before launching and designing your website. 

SEO readability

SEO readability: When we want to upload a text or written content on our site, most of us seek to observe its optimization factors and maximize the SEO indicators of this particular article, not to mention a factor called SEO readability. It is a factor that, despite the great importance in ranking an article and its publisher website, is also a criterion for choosing between good, better and higher. For example, if a completely similar story is published on three separate sites (a phenomenon that is not uncommon for sites with duplicate content and copy!), Our desire as readers is that the sample is attractive and has visual effects. Let's study more catchy. When our taste as a searcher is like this

seo manager

search engine optimization (seo)

More than 14 years ago, in 2004, a science called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, or "Site Optimization for Search Engines," was formed around the world, and webmasters They realized that by following a set of specific principles and rules, they could bring their website to the top of Google search results in different keywords.

It was then that the world of digital marketing changed dramatically, and businesses that used this method of marketing were able to quickly increase sales and make huge profits.

In our country, about 10 years ago, some smart webmasters gradually realized this issue and started making money this way. Today, there is a job called "SEO Engineer" or "SEO Specialist" or more commonly "SEO" that these people help you to get your website to the top of Google search results in keywords related to your business.

According to the official announcement of Google, more than 200 different parameters will be evaluated when ranking search results, and finally it will be determined which websites will be displayed in which keywords in which rank of Google results.

Years ago we saw that many search results had nothing to do with the search term; Because over time, trial and error, fraudulent methods were discovered by users to reach the top of Google, and spam and advertising websites were able to use these methods to appear in many unrelated keywords in the top of Google. To combat this problem, Google is constantly updating its algorithms and using powerful artificial intelligence to identify and display the best and most relevant results to users.

Seo(search engine optimization)

Today, with the rapid advancement of technology and the advent of smartphones and tablets, almost everyone has a personal computer, which has led people to search in search engines to meet their smallest needs. Therefore, search engines have developed their algorithms day by day to be able to display the best results to their users.

These are the reasons why when a user gets acquainted with your business using a search engine like Google, he trusts you much more than he finds you with ads, because now almost everyone knows that he is one of the rankings. Getting to the top of Google is not an easy task and you must do the right thing to be able to reach the top positions of Google! In fact, all online and even offline businesses are trying to gain a foothold in Google results, which is why the importance of SEO sites is increasing day by day.

search engine optimization

Determine the appropriate title for the pages of the site

Determine the appropriate title for the pages of the site

Page title is the most important parameter that Google pays special attention to and plays an important role in ranking web pages. One of the reasons Google pays special attention to pages is the display of titles in search results; Because users decide whether to click on the website by looking at the title of the pages.

The title of the pages is the same phrase that appears in the browser tab when viewing a website. This phrase is called Title, and in this article we have used the word "title" instead for our ease of writing. In fact, page titles can provide the most information about the subject of the text to Google. For this reason, you need to be very careful in choosing the title so that you can get the best return from this section

Keyword Stuffing

Optimize keyword density

Optimize keyword density

In the not-so-distant past, in the early days of the Internet in Iran, keyword density played an important role in ranking Google results. For this reason, in order to be able to rank well in Google, users used keywords many times in their text, and in many cases, they could get good rankings; But now the situation is completely different and Google's algorithms work so smart that they can not be fooled.

Google is constantly improving the performance of its algorithms to show the best results to users, and now, by moving away from focusing on keywords, it is dealing with the semantic relevance of different words and phrases, which is called "Semantic Search". Called. Now, do you think that with such intelligent algorithms, Google's first results can be achieved simply by repeatedly using keywords? This is called Keyword Stuffing.

Just use the keywords in the text of the page frequently and consistently to see how you will be penalized by Google. Using the keyword density percentage, it can be determined whether you have used a standard and correct number of keywords in your text or you are damaging the current state of your website with Keyword Stuffing

SEO and site optimization

SEO and site optimization The whole process of site optimization includes a series of basic principles that the SEOYAB transmits to the esteemed employers after the delivery of the project to them, if necessary, without paying and relying on manpower. The technical staff of their group should be diligent in the efficiency of their forces as much as possible.

With the rise of search engines in the last two decades and the increasing desire of Internet users to use these intermediaries, the fact that the audience can access the site by searching for a keyword or related content instead of writing the full URL of your website. It has become very important.

 In the early years of the use of search engines - like any other nascent phenomenon - there were many flaws and mistakes in their format that caused smart people to make the most of these inconsistencies and with specialized and clever techniques but undesirable for Audiences (for example, seemingly unreasonable repetition of a particular word or fruitless and irrelevant links) expose themselves to the general public, while the show's hosts are not idle and are trying to fill these gaps. They came out.

The existence of these factors turned into a full-blown war that continues to this day, and the parties to this controversy (ie search engines, especially Google, and people who are looking for easy shortcuts to get to the top of the displayed results) are still involved; A challenge that is advancing day by day in favor of inhumane factors and artificial intelligence, and is narrowing the field of activity for people who have not worked within it and who want to get to the front of this line immediately.

In the meantime, collections that resort to SEO, search engine optimization or Search Engine Optimization, if they carry out their actions with Google algorithms and resort to the rules that it communicates to its users, will be covered. White Hat SEO passes this filter and sits at the top of these results by proving their worthiness, and if they violate these instructions in any way, they are accused of wearing a black hat (Black Hat SEO). ) And depending on the amount and severity of the disobedience, they will be fined by deportation to farther pages.

In this regard, since stepping in the direction of Google's demands is a specialized, time consuming and tedious matter, if a person or group is looking for it and wants to be better seen among its local or international competitors, it is necessary to allocate time. It is a significant part of his working hours and he can practically not be able to do both these things and his daily activities, so picking these watermelons with one hand will not get any of them safely to their destination. On the other hand, hiring a regular webmaster as a regular employee will also have a lot of costs, especially for small groups, which may not be economically justified for them, which is why experts emphasize the outsourcing of this important phenomenon. Entrust it to professionals in this field

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO
External SEO is a set of actions that we take outside of the website to get our website to the top rankings in the target keywords. To work on external SEO, you do not need to have access to the website management panel and host control panels; Because all actions will be done outside the website.

Working on external SEO is much more sensitive and complex than internal SEO; Because you may be penalized by Google for the slightest mistake and you may lose the current ranking of your website. For this reason, we recommend that you first study thoroughly in this area and then implement what you have learned so that you can get the best out of your SEO and website optimization process.

seo web site

Increasing the number of visitors to a site alone can not increase the ranking of an Internet site in search engines. In some cases, it has been observed that some people try to increase the number of visits to their site in various ways to increase their ranking, which can lead to a virtual increase in site traffic through incorrect methods.

The ranking of sites is checked and determined through search engine-structured algorithms. The formulas used in these systems are directly related to the level of interest and satisfaction of visitors. In fact, a search engine like Google does its best to increase its user satisfaction. So the best way to promote a website is to engineer the site based on the needs of the visitor.

Visitor satisfaction can be measured in different ways. Therefore, the evaluated indicators include: number of visitors per day, number of visits per day, proportionality of visits to visitors (average number of visits per visitor), duration of presence on the site, successful keywords, credibility of linked sites, etc.

SEO and content marketing

SEO and content marketing

SEO and Content Marketing Assuming that you personally write content for your site or your employer and are engaged in the production, SEO and marketing of content, it happens in many cases that you see your image to its fullest extent and its potential You see so much to attract the audience that you think there is no more comprehensive, fluent and thought-provoking content than this post on the Internet. Maybe this article has exactly the same features that were mentioned, maybe as an author, you have exaggerated its value and seen it as an exaggeration! But how can the true quality of this note be measured ?! The answer to this question is quite simple and understandable; Has this post had a significant number of views?

Seo Keyword

Keyword SEO: SEO and site optimization as a profession is one of those jobs that many people do not know its meaning and nature and all people who are active in this field are accustomed to an explanation after mentioning the title of their job. Both talk about it and what exactly it does.

In this regard, as an event that has happened to me many times, I have tried many times to explain this activity and its effects to different people, but I have always reached the importance of the keyword SEO and the need to mention it, in The result is that it has become clear to me that SEO can not even be defined without a keyword or reference to it.

When we consider the result of SEO on a site as the increase of the mentioned base among the results of Google and other search engines, the question always arises that what is this sort done in return for the search? What is the common denominator between the websites in this category? How does Google identify your field of activity?

SEO keyword
To answer these questions, a site's SEO revolves around one or more keywords or phrases, titles that give Google information about the content and theme of the site.

As a result, classification is done between sites that use this word or phrase as their keyword. Given this explanation, related questions or searches are displayed around a keyword in the SERP, the competition of partner sites is about improving the tab conditions attached to this keyword, and finally all in-site activities - especially content production - They are done to strengthen them.

So it can be said that the keywords of the site are the main phrases that describe the subject of your activity. From another point of view, the keyword SEO can be considered as one of the most searched terms that internet users have referred to in a specific field and thus have stated that they want to achieve this phenomenon, an investigation that gives this message to various businesses. What their customers are looking for above all else and what they should focus on.

Some Frequently Asked SEO Keyword Questions
Does each site have only one keyword? No, this number can be two or even three digits; But in proportion to the SEO costs per word, the number of support team members, the time it takes to load them all and their placement on the front page, the energy expended and the challenges that arise for hosts and domains, this number is usually reasonable. Is a number. In total, having a site with a normal keyword, with about 5 desirable keywords, with 10 effective keywords and more is possible.

Should this word be a single syllable? No, a keyword phrase, as its name implies, can be a combination of several words. The more words, the better the chances of the site topping, but instead the audience must search for exactly the same words, which reduces the popularity of the keywords.
Understanding the importance of SEO keyword now we must look for ways to identify it

Creating the best content is not a difficult task, many of the things we do in our lives are not difficult tasks in themselves, but because the process of realizing and loading them is long and does not require energy or other resources, for It seems like a difficult and unattainable goal, ambitious and in need of a lot of necessities. For example, when you want to climb a mountain peak (for example, the same peaks that exist in Tehran), although achieving this goal may seem like a difficult and first-rate content writing, but precisely because of this The point is not the action itself to get to the point where it is difficult or scary, but the persistence and patience in walking - which in itself is a simple and trivial action - causes the difficulties of the road to overcome us! We do not need ice-breaking hammers, expensive hiking boots, we do not need to know how to do specialized mountaineering knots, and we do not need ideal physical fitness beyond our imagination.


To create audience-friendly and engaging content, you need to focus on creating things that bring the most value and dignity to your audience. Make sure your content covers all aspects of their search. Look at the issues like your potential viewers and think about the answer to this question, how can their suspicions be answered in the most satisfactory way possible ?! When you talk about something that other people have published before you, be aware that the result of your thoughts is something that has not been covered before, or at least (specialized) issues. Explain in a way that the general audience can easily understand. It is obvious that both Google and the human audience, when they need to compare different content, choose the older sample in case of general similarities; Because at least they are sure of its authenticity and they prefer to choose the oldest one if they are going to choose one of the same writings.

It should be emphasized that the content we intend to write about does not always have reproductive features and add non-repetitive content. For example, when writing a recipe for making a chocolate cake or cooking a traditional food, a change in the generality of the matter in order to change the verbal content compared to other competitors is considered a kind of heresy in cooking and the food that is supposed to be right. There are differences with what the audience intends, so in such cases it is better to add complementary tricks, images or videos of the first category, express different steps of work in a simpler and smoother language, use knowledge Attractive, applying survey forms on the content sheet or creating a space to send images of contacts after their work is ready, give this content production and marketing a more attractive and audience-friendly color and glaze.

Finally, in the process of producing content and marketing it in a valuable way, always take a step in which you say to yourself, "I'm crazy to do that!" Just when you get to this point, know that you are creating something valuable and that you will attract the audience

Get on the first page of Google

Get on the first page of Google
Being on the first page of Google: People who have a website in cyberspace or are in charge of a website, are well aware of the importance of being on the first page of Google and are looking to make it more visible, this However, if there are dozens of ways to achieve this goal, shorter and shorter paths are usually more popular.

Get on the first page of Google
In this regard, it should be acknowledged that SEO and its set of actions are not actions that are implemented in the short term, so if you have found a way that is contrary to this or someone claims that he can in a short time, Get your website to the top of search engine results, doubt its accuracy, and be aware of what you are missing out on in return for this ideal but temporary location. In this regard, we decided to examine the prerequisites for being on the first page of Google.

How long does it take to improve our Google ranking?

Asking a site optimizer how long it will take to get to the first page of Google is like asking a doctor, "When are we going to get better?" However, the doctor does not know if you are sick in the first place or not! If so, what is your illness, how far has it progressed, what features in your body are there to prescribe medication or treatment based on them, and dozens of other questions and doubts. Regarding the initial results, it is not possible to say the exact time before the skills of the content producers, the budget, the level of competition in the field of work, the current location, the internal structure and other things of a site can be stated.

How long does it take to rank Google

Google's algorithms continuously and alternately scan different sites, and this placement in the test bushes takes at least a few months for a site to pass through multiple filters; As a result, if a site has a strong concept and structure in the short run, even if it is completely real, because this process must be proven in the long run, it will show its result after weeks.

As an outside observer, it seems that having such a procedure is not too bad, because a steady step in providing good content and maintaining infrastructural connections (links) if not considered, could be a collection by providing Explosive, large and voluminous content with rich content in the short term climb to the top of the table and replace the websites that have been providing useful services for years. From the point of view of the owner of the new website, this immediate ascent seems desirable, but from the point of view of the old webmasters in this field, such a procedure deprives them of their right; As a result, Google does not allow any newcomers to rise in the crowd by favoring older collections that have consistently provided readers with popular content for months or years.

Given that in the initial results of Google there is no place for start-up sites, some people give up trying and wait to see the results of their previous actions, then move on to this path, which was a wrong approach. And does not bring them closer to the goal. In such a situation, these collections should go through the preparations for gaining name and credibility and try to introduce their domain to Google by observing the basic principles of SEO, an action that after a few months, made them a member of the old collections and had the opportunity. Provides them.

However, if you also want to destroy and renovate your site, you may lose again, because in the pages of a page, you can find content that has reached a good position in search of a particular word in it, and remove it altogether. Empty a site and delete useful data - can tarnish your image with Google's artificial intelligence 

The Importance of SEO

The Importance of SEO: Having a website for a company, institution, factory or any other business today, unlike in previous decades, is not a phenomenon to show off. Perhaps in a day when high-speed Internet (which is also a relative thing) did not exist in our country and we had to access the infinite virtual space with dial-up modems and Internet cards for several hours, neither as a user nor As a webmaster, there were not many issues that are considered today. However, global technology, the advancement of search engine artificial intelligence, the promotion of the use of the Internet among all sections of society, fundamental changes in digital hardware or the use of social networks have now caused the rules of this game to change completely and websites Once a purely decorative aspect, they now carry a heavy burden in providing services or selling a collection of products.

SEO brings you credibility and audience confidence

The need for a good SEO, which is the output of this dynamic, can be seen in the following cases:

Organic search is the most important source of website traffic.
SEO brings you credibility and audience confidence.
Better SEO means creating a better experience for the audience.
Local SEO means increasing solidarity with readers, site traffic and communication with search engines.
SEO has a positive effect on the buying cycle.
User and useful SEO methods are constantly being updated.
Understanding the nature of SEO will help you become familiar with cyberspace.
SEO is extremely cheap compared to the benefits it brings to you.
This is a long-term strategy.
The results of the phenomenon from the use of this method can be observed and measured not in the form of qualitative changes, but in the form of quantitative numbers.
SEO has a chance to be seen better.
The ultimate good SEO is being on the first page (and the first case). Know that if you are not on the front page, you will not win the click competition.
After knowing the importance of SEO and the need to improve the SEO of a site, which can be briefly defined as being on the first page of Google (separately for each keyword), we need to know that if we are looking to improve the site position, We are facing difficulties. SEO has many steps and prerequisites, the most important of which is the production of content or the creation of a phenomenon containing information or a fun image that did not exist in its current form before.

Today, there are many sites in different fields of work, with various designs, with different amounts of information and with a level of dissimilar attractiveness. It doesn't matter if you are a surgeon, a teacher for undergraduate students, a building cleaner, a home appliance salesman, or someone with a popular telegram channel; In cyberspace, the only thing that matters is the fact that if you present content that is audience-friendly, you will be popular with people who are looking for your expertise, and if you present duplicate, subtle, non-practical and incomplete content. Not only search engine algorithms, but also human intelligence will easily identify these differences and shortcomings, you will be rejected and separated from the circle of preliminary results.



Although in the last decade all kinds of channels and accounts on social networks have been a way for business people to communicate with their contacts and potential customers, but there is no denying the fact that none of them can Replace a formal, permanent website with the right content to introduce them on a large scale (especially since the search feature based on a word or image in them is much weaker than search engines).

In this regard, the existence of a site for a collection is not limited to creating and accessing it by entering its address or domain in a browser tab, because this site can achieve the desired return when searching for its relevant keywords by The general public, with the help of Google artificial intelligence as a desirable option for researchers. Achieving this level, which is one of the most important goals of establishing and importance of SEO, requires the existence of many prerequisites that the dynamics of the site and its updating at regular intervals are more visible than other cases. Due to this fact, the world's leading collections or well-known companies that operate in various fields, have a special team work for this purpose, whose task is to collect information, update social networks and the collection website itself.