seo(search engine optimization)means deception or manipulation of search engines with unethical methods. They have been created to help improve the visibility and relevance of websites in the results of natural search aimed at achieving high ranking 

سئو یعنی بهینه‌سازی موتور جستجو به معنی فریب یا دستکاری موتورهای جستجو با روش‌های غیر اخلاقی است. آن‌ها برای کمک به بهبود قابلیت دید و ارتباط وب سایت‌ها در نتایج جستجوی طبیعی با هدف دستیابی به رتبه‌بندی بالا ایجاد شده‌اند

The SEO process is not that easy

The SEO process is not that easy, maybe a mistake in SEO will cause you to get a very low ranking and in some cases even leave the Google search engine altogether.

SEO requires a lot of science and knowledge. There are about 200 criteria for ranking websites and medal search engines are changing their algorithm. Therefore, the SEO engineer must keep his information in the field of SEO and algorithm up to date and observe the most important criteria for implementing SEO.

Apart from knowledge and science for implementing SEO, one of the things that should be paid special attention to is patience! If you do not have patience, it is better not to start.

SEO is a time consuming task, if you want to get to the top links in Google sooner we will tell you that you will not get anywhere.

Let's explain the SEO process with an example.

You assume a rally track where cars are moving fast and have run several laps on the track. Now you want to enter this track with the newly entered website to Google. Do you expect to reach the top first? How?

Your competitors have been trying for months or years to reach this rank, they can never be reached quickly. So we have to be patient, do the basics of SEO and wait for great results and, as a result, increase site traffic.

Why do search engines need SEO?
Google is a smart engine but it still needs the help of its audience, they are always trying to provide better results to users, however there are limitations in this way that make the need for SEO more. Wrong SEO can hide you from users and ruin all your efforts, so your competitors with less content will have more views and popularity.

Google crawlers have relatively specific factors for understanding the content of the page, which, if fully observed, will increase your chances of having a place. These factors are called onpage seo and to be successful we need to know exactly what these factors are in SEO.

What is SEO marketing?
Maybe SEO marketing can be considered as the same as content marketing, so if we want to have a good platform for our site SEO, we must first produce appropriate and strong content.

From another point of view, we want to look at SEO marketing, the same marketing that is engraved in the minds of all of us.

What do you think about SEO marketing?

SEO marketing

Generating content and SEO in a parallel line helps a website grow. So if you follow many of the criteria of Google search engine, but if you do not produce good content, you will not get a good ranking in Google.

To produce good content, you must first choose the right keyword for your business and then select a content production strategy for them.

An SEO engineer should not only have SEO knowledge, but also marketing science. Because apart from choosing keywords related to your business or your customer, he must know in what field he works in order to be able to produce principled and appropriate content for that business.

For example, you want to create content for an online store in the field of jewelry made of stone.

You can generate content for this website in several ways by writing the full product specifications for all your products and giving complete information about that product and using related keywords in your products.

In the next method of generating content, we enter indirectly, in such a way that in your blog you publish information about the benefits of these stones that the user needs.

After meeting the user's needs, you can show the products to that user. In this way, you have turned a user who did not even intend to buy into a customer.

This type of content marketing is one of the best ways to market SEO.

SEO price
The price of SEO depends on several factors.

Factors like

Number of keywords selected to do SEO work
The amount of competition on keywords
The amount of money competitors have made on their site SEO
Domain and site life
The amount of content produced and their quality
The current location of the site and its status

In some cases, the employer only wants two separate numbers!

One Rial and SEO cost, one is the duration of the site in the above links

In terms of placement time, no SEO can predict the exact time of placement in the top links of Google. Because it depends on many factors.

If an SEO engineer determines exactly when you are the first link in Google, know that a job is missing.

But in terms of cost, it can give an exact figure. SEO does not have a specific price. The cost also varies depending on the factors mentioned above.

SEO engineers usually calculate the cost of SEO in two ways. Or in the form of a general figure, for example 10 million tomans, of which 50% will be settled at the beginning of the contract and 50% after ranking in Google.

But what is the best way to price SEO?

A better way to pay for SEO can be on a monthly basis. In this way, the SEO engineer announces the price to the employer by reviewing the keywords for several hours and analyzing the competitors and the factors affecting the price.

For example, a monthly amount of 800 thousand tomans is considered for you, which you pay to the executor on a monthly basis in exchange for SEO activities.

In this way, the employer can pay the fee if the work progresses, and by receiving a report from the executor, he will be aware of the shortcomings of the SEO work.

Which SEO issues are most important?

Which SEO issues are most important?
These are the things that will make you successful in SEO if you do it right

Do not block your site

Do not confuse the website visitor

Do not block Google from crawling resources on your site or draw specific elements on your page.

Have a responsive design on mobile and desktop

Be a place to reach your target customer.

Search your site in a search console like Google Tools

Insert your keyword phrase at least once in the page title

Put your keyword phrase at least once in the main content of the page

Avoid filling in keyword content

Create an optimal meta description

Make sure the main content of the page is of high quality and written by a professional. If your content is not shared organically, you may have a quality content problem.

Make sure the keywords you want to rank for are on your site. The quality of competition for these rankings determines how much effort you need.

Use synonymous and common words on your page

Add value to pages with images, videos, tables

Optimize to increase user satisfaction (eg increase page or site time)

Update important content on the site several times a year

Modify old site content

Avoid publishing weak pages

Date to change the page or publish the article

Do not sacrifice original content for irrelevant pages and ads

Links to relevant content on your site with useful text

Use a simple scroll bar on your site

Create pages with W3C recommendations for HTML, H1, text, and more

Create pages to meet the best practices and pay attention to what bothers the website visitors.

Create pages where the main content of the page is prioritized and removes annoying ads (especially on mobile)

Provide a website that follows Google's technical recommendations.

Ensure fast loading of web pages on mobile and desktop

If you can include the keyword phrase in a short URL

Use the keyword phrase in the internal anchor text that points to this page (at least once)

Use the heading tag correctly

Make sure the main content of all pages of the site

They have high quality.

Make sure old SEO practices are removed from the site

Avoid using old SEO techniques in new campaigns

disavow poor quality backlinks

Clear presentation of website domain ownership, copyright and contact information on the site

When you have done well enough, share your content on major social networks.

Get backlinks from reputable websites

Why is SEO so important?

Why is SEO so important?
If you do not optimize your website for search engines, you run the risk of losing potential customers and opportunities to your competitors, because their website seems more important to search engines. Think about how many times a day you go to Google for the latest technology news or where you can buy new chairs at a reasonable price. When someone is looking for information that is relevant to your products and services, you want to show your site at the top.

Research shows that 91% of traffic from Google goes to websites that appear on the first page.

How do search engines determine the position of your site?
Search engines use algorithms to help provide information about people searching.

To make sure your website appears on page 1 instead of 27, you need to focus on the important issues related to your business.

The authority of your website is determined by local and external factors.

Internal SEO gives search engines a higher ranking to websites that regularly publish new content on a particular topic. For example, if you own a real estate agency, you can build your site online by publishing regular blog posts about buying a home.

External SEO, search engines are like seeing websites link to websites other than your own. When other websites link to your content or people share your content on social media, you have a better chance of getting ranked in search results.

How can you start with SEO?
The impact of search engines takes time, but when you start reaching a relevant audience, the costs go down. Return to real estate sample,

Instead of just writing tips for buying a home, publish content on your website that answers specific questions about your audience. Things like: The best time to buy a house in Tehran or predict the housing market in the new year and when you publish the article, advertise it on social media.

Introducing SEO

Introducing SEO
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means "search engine optimization".

What is SEO? SEO is a way to increase the quantity and quality of your website traffic, this is done by paying attention to how search engines work. In this way, a series of steps are taken to lower the ranking of your website in search engine results and be among the first. Most likely, the answer to the question "What is SEO?" To understand the true meaning of SEO, let's look at how a search engine works. To find what you are looking for, type in the name or subject in Google or other search engines. And they will respond to your request with a long list of web page links.

How does Google (or any other search engine you use) work here? The search engine collects all the information about your topic that it has found on the Internet to create a list. This list is created and sorted by a search engine algorithm. Now you understand what SEO is? SEO is a set of actions that will make your website one of the first results when running this algorithm.

Introducing internal SEO
Internal SEO, as its name implies, is related to the principles of SEO within the site. It is a set of activities that are done inside the site to optimize the content and HTML code to increase the traffic and ranking of your site. These actions include the following:

Define keywords

_ Title tag

_ Heading tag

_ Description meta tag

_ Use appropriate images

_ share

_ Loading speed

Ability to display on a variety of web browsing devices, including mobile phones

_ Audience-friendly and non-copy content

SEO and its importance in raising the ranking of the website

Introducing foreign SEO
External SEO is about actions taken outside of your site content to improve your ranking in Google rankings. This is actually advertising your site in other parts of the web world. For example, it could be advertising on your social networks or e-mail. The most effective external SEO method is advertising on other websites. The higher the number of sites that advertise your site link, the better your ranking will be. Because the search engine finds out about the quality of your site content through the number and quality of sites that link to your web pages.

Importance of SEO
The importance of SEO can be examined from three aspects.

1- Traffic quality
You can attract all the visitors of the world, but if they come to your site and come across content that is not relevant to what they are looking for. The traffic that your site generates is not of good quality. SEO helps you to attract visitors to your site who are really interested in the products and content you offer.

2- The amount of traffic
If you are looking to increase your site traffic, you can increase the traffic to an acceptable level by SEOing its content and some tricks.

3- Free traffic
As you know, Google or other search engines charge a fee for the websites of the members of their advertising system, in fact, Google actually takes money to advertise your website and put it in the initial search results and thus Increase your site traffic. With SEO, you can increase the rank of your site and use this opportunity to advertise at no cost.

The importance of content in SEO
Now that you know what SEO is and what it does, let's talk about the importance of content in SEO. How important is our content in improving a site's ranking in search engine results. It is true that SEO has different aspects. But the content of the site is more important than what everyone thinks. When we talk about content, people think more about pages and text posts. But the content does not have to be limited to traditional pages and text posts; It can be placed in various structures and formats on your website, including: images, audio, videos, slides, tools and more. Ultimately, content is what people come to your site to read, listen to, watch, or interact with.

what is seo

seo can be viewed as a set of methods for strategic change of websites. this process describes the most important factors related to the page and increasing its importance on the search results page.
seo is not a simple process that is easily implemented because it requires a lot of knowledge, background science and patience. Search engines are unpredictable by constantly changing their ranking algorithms; therefore, the task of engineers is to keep track of their own data.


As the internet continues to grow, newer search engines have begun to use more complex ranking algorithms. These algorithms used key word compression criteria (number of times a key word or phrase used in a single page divided by the number of total number of words of the page)and the  words labels to understand the contents of the Web sites. Following this development, more websites began their activity. by increasing the rankings of pages by search engines, seo engineers are looking for ways to affect the effectiveness of these engines using either  or unethical.

A paper published by the New York Times in November 1996 spoke about web developers making use of unethical methods to get on top of the search results page. This paper explains how web developers can easily load a site along with the special key words that are usually hidden behind the site's graphics, thus increasing search engines and increasing the site rankings

As mentioned earlier, it was very convenient to obtain high ranking for certain key words early in the job. By applying unethical methods at that time it was guaranteed to be at the top of the search results list. Today search engine algorithms have become more complex and it is very hard for optimization engineers to manipulate search engines, of course there is a mouse and mouse game between seo engineers and search engines today.

The purpose of seo is to assist websites in obtaining a high place in the results of natural search and increasing the link between pages and keywords imported by users. Show the most relevant pages associated with the search query has many advantages for both the user and the search engine where the user finds the most relevant result and the search engine is trustworthy, since its algorithm shows the most relevant pages.

After improving the ranking of sites in the results of its natural search results, the process required knowledge and time to implement its methods. Time is the largest initial investment to optimize the site or a page

key words of competition

Depending on how key words of competition are used in optimization, it takes weeks or months to achieve results. Although the results of the search optimization may not be seen rapidly, the long term benefits increase the site ratings and increase visitors. For the Web, it is very important that on the first page, Google's search results are subject to the first three natural results, which include 58.4 per cent of clicks. 

about seo

It's not surprising that websites compete with products and services that are selling themselves to a search results. For example, the keyword "Auto Insurance" will allocate 1.5 million Google search per month, which means that the first 3 seats will make up to 58.4 % of visitors and their first place of 36.4 % visitors. This is useful for many sites to be found at the top of the search results, especially those added to the number of customers by increasing the site traffic

Another study suggests that many consumers like to click on natural links of search results; this study identifies 72.3 % of Google users are clicking on natural links of the search results, and 27.3 % of users click on the custom - paid lists. This is another reason why companies have known their influence and are willing to spend time and money on it

What is the seo in the plane? (On Page SEO)

The contents of the page are directly linked to the direct control of your code, or contents of your website - text, image, bond, etc., in general, everything you upload to your site is related to SEO On Page. This method is based on all the optimization efforts because it is where you have the most control over it. Any change that you will make in your website contents will be effective in search results, so it's very important that your SEO style is best achieved before your SEO style.

(SEO) optimization for search engines

(SEO), or optimization for search engines, is done to improve your website performance based on standards of search engines and attract more visitors. Many factors influence on your site, the words used in the text and content to inbound links to your site from other sites, and sometimes we call for ensuring the proper structure of your site for search engines

The most important question that users ask is what the exact definition of seo is. seo is the set of activities that we do in designing the site, setting content strategy and content production to better position on Google search results and attract more visitors to the site

best seo

Most internet users find their pages from major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! Hence, the proper utilization of your key is to reach more inspection. Moreover, search engines provide what they are looking for, which is why they are more confident about your site than customers ' internet advertising, and this indicates what their value is and why it should be addressed.

The words searched by users in search engines have high importance, experience has shown that attracting too many visitors via Google can guarantee success of any firm. The visit from the seo methods is superior to any ad type and will also impose less cost on you in the long run.


Why do search engines need seo?

Google is a smart motor but still needs help from users, they are always trying to deliver better results to internet users, however there are limitations on the route that create a site requirement. False alarms can hide you from the sight of the users and end up wasting your effort, so your competitors may visit and popularity with less content

Google's crawling robots have relatively certain factors to understand the content of the page, which will increase your chance to gain position. these factors are called onpage seo, and for success we need to know exactly what these factors are in seo.

seo black hat

Google's first page is one of the most challenging and challenging concerns of seo professionals. Google's first page is only possible only if you use seo techniques as best possible.

Approximately 75 percent of people don't scroll down the page when they 're looking for something and doing their search. This indicates that the site is not only important on Google's first page, but your site must be one of the top 3 results of Google's first page using از principles.

If you don't have a good answer to how you 're on Google's front page, nature will lose a lot of the existing natural traffic and you won't receive the amount of time and time that you can spend on your website.

You need these natural traffic because about 93 percent of the information is passed through search engines. There is a trillion search in cyberspace in general, according to monthly statistics.

As a result, the site should be able to attract a considerable amount of these searches to your website, so that your business will improve your business. But the issue is that a large number of Web owners do not know how to bring the site to the first page of Google, and therefore cannot perform well on improving its website pages for certain key words.

What is seo and what does it have?

Most online marketing methods such as advertising and marketing marketing are valuable as long as you are using them on a continuous basis, but the content and content marketing for your business will create a stable added value that will be profitable for you even after stopping your activities.

Success will require a lot of time and effort, but achieving it will have a high stability and will become one of your most important marketing channels for a long time. To get to this point, we need to recognize the standards of seo properly

seo white

In short, the purpose of seo is to increase the audience and this audience can act differently on any site. For example, you would get better on branding and branding, but with working seo your news site will only achieve more visitors, thus better positioning, and better branding at the end of branding. But I note that it's not enough to increase your SEO audience on Google alone, and there are some other factors contributing to the development and development of a website.

Use long key words

If you can't get a good match for your keywords that are in high competition for them, the use of key words is long. For example, if you can't do Google's first page for a website term, it's best to use a long term term, such as a website for online businesses.
Note, however, that any of these long terms can't bring you a lot of traffic. You can only extract the best performance from long - term keywords that have a total number of them in your content. Based on statistics, we find that a significant portion of Google queries have been devoted to its long - term keyword terms. The ratings are easier for long - term phrases because competition for them is much lower

Use long key words

Now, you may ask how AdWords can't attract natural traffic to your site. In the case of this issue affecting many sites, we have to say that a large number of Google pages are filled with sites that use monetary advertising, and if the user does not scroll down the page, it does not reach the ها. Many people use the same amount of money to obtain their desired information .

The interesting thing in this case is that the results that are displayed via the AdWords account are not closely related to the keyword searches. As a result, you must not necessarily produce content for the keyword in terms of content; you can only describe the product or service you can offer on it, and you want to drag the users onto your site. So it's slightly different from your AdWords account, but it can have a good impact on your business performance.

More articles than competitors

You can't use the same keywords at all of your posts, or in most of them; your strategy is actually to focus on two key phrases.
The point that is said indicates that you have to produce a very large number of articles for your website. The more you have with your website, the more you will have to get top ratings on Google. The more you produce content, the more articles you have published on your website, and each of these articles individually brings special traffic to you. According to نیوسئو, those websites can achieve great success and make superior ratings that have at least 15 posts per month in their content strategy

seo keywords