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SEO can be considered as a set of methods for strategically changing websites. This process expresses the most important relevant factors of the page and increases its importance in the search results page.
SEO is not a simple process that is easy to implement because it requires a lot of knowledge, background knowledge and patience. Search engines are unpredictable with the constant change of their ranking algorithms; Therefore, it is the duty of SEO engineers to keep their information up to date.

 on page SEO

In-page SEO is related to the direct control of the code or content of your website, including text, images, links, etc .; In general, everything you upload to your site is related to SEO On Page. This method is the basis of all optimization efforts because it is where you have the most control. Any changes you make to your site content will affect the search results, so it is very important that the SEO On Page method is done correctly before the SEO Off Page method.

The purpose of SEO

The purpose of SEO is to help websites rank high in natural search results and increase the relevance between pages and keywords entered by users. Showing the most pages related to the entered search query has many benefits for both the user and the search engine in that the user gets the most relevant search results and the search engine becomes more reliable because its algorithm shows the most relevant pages. .

After SEO started to improve the ranking of sites in natural search results, this process required knowledge and time to implement its methods. Time is the biggest initial investment to optimize a site or a page.

Depending on how competitive keywords are used in the optimization, SEO can take weeks or months to get results. Although search engine optimization results may not be seen quickly, in the long run SEO benefits increase site ranking and increase visitors. It is very important for websites to be on the first page of Google search results, especially among the top three natural results, which account for 58.4% of clicks.

Not surprisingly, websites compete with the products and services they sell for rankings in search results. For example, the competitive keyword "auto insurance" accounts for 1.5 million Google searches per month, which means that the top 3 rankings account for 58.4% of visitors and the top three rankings for 36.4% of visitors. This is beneficial for many sites that are at the top of the search results, especially those that increase the number of their customers as site traffic increases.
Another study shows that searchers are very fond of clicking on natural links in search results; The study found that 72.3% of Google users click on natural links to search results, and only 27.3% of users click on paid list links. This is another reason why companies are aware of the impact of SEO and are willing to spend time and money on it.

off page seo

Unlike the SEO On Page method, in which website development is done with high direct control, the off-page optimization method includes all the upgrades that are done outside of your website; This includes everything that can help you get a high ranking of your site. SEO Off Page focuses primarily on getting links (links that point to your site from other sites) then optimizes search engine optimization using off-site methods.
SEO Off Page is an unlimited process run by SEO engineers to get links.

What is professional SEO

What is professional SEO? Before explaining about professional SEO, it is better to first define SEO in general and then we will explain the steps that we should do professionally for it. As you know, SEO includes techniques that increase the site's ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, professional SEO includes operations that are performed inside and outside the site in order to ultimately increase the number of visitors to your site.

As you know, there are many methods and techniques to improve the site ranking, but most importantly in professional SEO, having a digital marketing strategy is the most important, because today most of the work is done using the Internet and In the words of Bill Gates, "If your business is not on the Internet, it will not exist for many years."

SEO can be divided into two types: white hat SEO and black hat SEO or internal SEO and external SEO, each of which has its own techniques, although they have commonalities. Professional SEO means using the main and legal techniques that we call white hat SEO. The main purpose of professional SEO is to be able to place our site on the first page of Google in the desired keyword. As you know, most people use search engines to find the products or information they are looking for, and about 90% of people click on the links that appear on the first page.

For professional SEO, one of the best methods that is highly emphasized by Google today is the production of unique content. Of course, the content is written based on SEO principles and is also non-copy. In this article, we are going to talk about what we need to do in professional SEO. It is good to know that professional SEO may be very big in the appearance of the word, but its techniques are really simple and it is enough to use them in a principled and correct way and also patience is the most important factor that should be next to it. Be.

But what about cheap SEO services?

It has long been said that no cheapness is unwise. Today, with a little searching on the Internet, you can find services such as cheap site design, site design for only 50 thousand Tomans !!!, cheap SEO, being ranked first in Google in just one night !!! And similar to these that can be easily seen in all newspapers and other websites.
Of course, cheapness can have a different definition for everyone, but in general, each service has a predefined amount and cost, and less than that, like cheap SEO, means that those services are not fully provided.
Cheap SEO means increasing your site's ranking in Google with the lowest cost. Keep in mind that in the world of the Internet, no results can be achieved effortlessly, of course, not only in cyberspace but in all areas and environments. So how do you get the most out of cheap SEO? Of course, cheap SEO is completely different from fast SEO and you should not confuse the two.

Why not use cheap SEO services?

1. You can do nothing without money
There are many SEO techniques that you can do for free or with little cost, such as searching for relevant keywords, optimizing meta tags, optimizing images, and more. Of course, if you are familiar with the principles of SEO. But if you are planning to work professionally on your SEO site, you need to attract an expert in this field to your company and this expert needs money and needs a monthly salary. So this is the first cost.

Another issue is link exchange. Newly created sites are always looking for cheap SEO techniques and one of the best ways for them is to exchange links with other sites, but it is better to know that link exchange will be penalized by Google today and the benefit For the site owner, it is branding their site.

Even today, advertising on sites is considered a crime by Google, because Google considers it a kind of link purchase, of course, it depends on the design of the destination site.

One of the reasons that some companies are not willing to pay for the optimization of their site is the lack of an expert team to produce content, lack of time and also lack of the necessary budget, none of which can be justified.

2. In the long run you will lose your credibility
Anyone who starts a business is looking to increase credit, sales and profits and knows that they have to work hard and spend a lot of money, including money. With regard to the site, as mentioned, there are some issues that you can not achieve with cheap SEO, you may even miss them.

Using cheap SEO services leads to a decrease in user satisfaction and ultimately reduces the site's ranking in Google. For example, some people, instead of hiring a translator to put organic content on the site, copy the content of other sites, and because they do not pay for it, they not only ruin their reputation among users and They know him as a malicious copyist, but Google will also fine you.

3. You can not have any evaluation
Getting backlinks for quality content is one of the tools you can use to evaluate your site. The more organic backlinks you have, the more effective your efforts have been.

But cheap SEO services can not give you any evaluation because the principles of unconventional methods or main techniques are used incompletely to do that you can not only track the progress of your site, but may even Make mistakes in planning and branding your site.

Basically, people who use cheap SEO techniques are not very interested in tracking the progress of their site using Google Webmaster or Analytics.

4. Not understanding the needs
No two users are alike and each has different needs and wants. It is very difficult to consider these requests in one site, but they all have a common request that has entered your site.

SEO is the same. Everyone has a specific goal on their site and using all SEO techniques for the site is not necessary. Some sites have limited and specific customers and do not need professional SEO, but others, such as popular online stores, need professional SEO and a team of experts in this field, so first of all you need to set up your goal Know the site.

Unfortunately, those who use cheap SEO are only looking to increase the site's ranking in Google and do not pay any attention to the site and its purpose and its users.

5. They will pursue a bitter experience
Companies that offer cheap SEO services use inexperienced employees and they may cause irreparable damage to your site.

Giving opportunities to such companies can be very costly for you and will lead to a very bitter business experience for you. This bitter experience can cause you to lose credit and time and money.

The Importance of SEO in Google

Google, the world's second-largest brand, is known as a powerful search engine based on a series of sophisticated algorithms, which reads site information and stores it on its servers, then results in that information based on keywords and phrases asked by users. In the shortest possible time, Google's major revenue streams are through Google Adwords ads, Google AdSense ads, and Google Ads ads. Which displays them through click-through ads and earns per click.

In general, the solution to optimize the site through advertising on Google is less expensive for Iranians in the long run. Advertising on Google will be removed from Google results after the end of your budget in the Google AdWords campaign, but sites that use SEO will return results. Reached the top of Google, the process of changing the results is slow. (Keep in mind that choosing a SEO or Google advertising method depends on analyzing your type of business and your goal, and sometimes using the same method may be the best solution for you.)

What is seo

SEO or site optimization is the use of search engine algorithms to display the site at the top of the results. This was the shortest definition of this science. Everyone who has access to the Internet searches for their services or products on Google and uses the first websites to meet their needs.

Of course, it is worth noting that SEO is no longer what you have in mind! Google's algorithms have become extremely smart, and these algorithms do their best to show the best results to users. In the meantime, there are many SEOs who try to provide a better position for the website with fake solutions. These SEOs are very new, because a professional SEO knows that Google can no longer be fooled!

A thorough knowledge of site optimization can lead you to a better position than before, provided you know what to do in the current situation. In this article, we are going to give a comprehensive definition of SEO and say how we can be seen at the top of Google results according to Google's new algorithms.

In order to have a website at the top of the search results with keywords, you have to make a lot of changes to your site. SEO is what you need, but before you know what you need to do on your site, it's best to know more about SEO and how search engines work.

All about seo

"SEO" is the pronunciation of the word "SEO", which stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and means "search engine optimization" and the concept of "operations and processes for optimizing web pages in order to index them properly and get better rankings in web search engines. (Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask).

In other words, SEO Marketing; It is the most targeted type of digital marketing and is a process consisting of a set of activities that leads to placing a website link at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and increasing the number of visitors to a website through natural or organic searches.

The list of search results is ranked according to the web search engines, their specific algorithms, location, history and search pattern of users and their interaction with site content, and an SEO expert should consider all of them to advance the goals of the SEO project. .

Each search engine, with its own algorithms and metrics, ranks web pages and usually does not disclose them, but SEO experts around the world with the least information that is published, especially from Google algorithms, experiences As well as the results of their case studies, they have achieved about 200 important factors for ranking, some of the most important of which are; Creating quality content based on keyword research and tailored to the needs of the audience, modifying the site structure and internal link building, responsive design and mobile friendliness of web pages, increasing site loading speed and SSL, off-site SEO, backlinks, local SEO and ... that you can read the most important of them in the shortest possible case in this "site seo" link.

The operational purpose of SEO-related activities; Achieving higher rankings and finally the first rank of the desired web page in search engine results, which according to the keyword is appropriate to the type of activity, job and business, the name of the person or services related to it and should be carefully and after review. It is necessary to choose, because if you choose an inappropriate keyword that is searched by a few people on the Internet, all your activities, ie designing and launching a site, inserting its content and additional costs, will be wasted and a visitor. Will not bring for your site.

Basically, the ultimate goal of a person who seeks help from an SEO expert to optimize their site and web pages; Achieving some kind of profit is usually material.

So to some extent it can be concluded that SEO means targeted advertising that will lead to profit.

SEO marketing

To know what SEO marketing is? Let's start with a very simple example. Assume that SEO is a salesperson in a particular profession and that SEO marketing is a place for a skilled salesperson to work. No doubt you will not advertise wherever you can in order to SEO your website.
A cosmetics retailer will no doubt not advertise in stationery stores. Of course, there are some people who do this, which is not logical. You act logically, everything should be sold and promoted in its place. There are many websites that have all the products on their site but fail to sell them, and those that can sell well the variety of products they have is because competing sites have performed worse. And they have been able to help them become branded.
The important thing is that if you want to be successful in your business and better position than your competitors in Google results, you must follow the right principles and techniques to design your website properly. If you use the right techniques in SEO your site, then you can get a good position in Google search results.

What is SEO Marketing?
SEO marketing

The duty of an SEO marketer
A marketer is a person who is active in the industry of various businesses in order to provide that industry, profession or product to other people properly and with complete information. So it can be said that people who do SEO work have a marketer inside them who with their knowledge and information help you to design and manage your website in such a way that it can be seen in the best position in Google results. .
All jobs in society have two dimensions, good and bad. You may have complete and comprehensive knowledge of physics, but not the full ability to teach physics classes. The same is true of the marketer, who must be able to present his work well in order to succeed and attract customers. So what about SEO? Let's make a small point that the SEO marketer needs to know where to look for his target market in order to SEO the various sites he has received from different customers.

Important Tips In SEO Marketing
In SEO marketing, it is important to do a few things, which we have mentioned below.

Scientific market research
Search and research about competitors
Goal setting
Consider a budget
Determine your priorities and resources
Add responsibility to your work
Scientific market research
In order to start your business, you need to plan before carrying out any strategy. You must do a series of basic research in the field in which you work so that you can be successful in your profession and also design a unique website. But what you need to research is very important. You need to know what your customers are looking for, and you can use survey forms to do this. When customers complete the survey form, you can check them. Get on the right track.

What is SEO Marketing?
SEO Marketing

Search and research about competitors
At this stage, by examining the competitors' SEO, you can find out their strengths and weaknesses and understand what they have done in order to be able to increase their website traffic and increase the number of their users, which they have been able to do in Google search results. Get a better position than you. Once you notice the difference between your work and the competitors' site, study and research them properly and implement more practical methods on your website. So keep in mind that for your position at work, you should not be satisfied only with your customers and visitors to your website. You need to know what methods to use to succeed in marketing your website content.

Goal setting
You have successfully done your research on the market and the competitors' site, now it is time to determine your goal. In this case, the goal you set should be more than a simple muffin. You need to define your main goal, how many visitors you want your website to increase, or whether you want to increase your website traffic or attract more customers to your website. You need to prioritize your goals and act on each one according to the priority so that you can achieve the desired result and get a good position in Google search results.

Consider a budget
Once you have defined your list of goals, you should also make a list of start-up costs. Naturally, a start-up vote requires a specific budget.

Set your priorities and resources
We said what is SEO marketing? And what do we need to do in order to be successful in our profession and business? We started by talking about the trading market, the competitors' site, the goals and the initial budget, but now it's time to identify our priorities and resources. Depending on the budget you have in mind, you should choose your priorities