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If we want to have a simple definition of site design, the site design is designed to design and build a website or optimize an old site on the Internet.
website design, web design, or Web site design, or Web site design and web site design and design is a web site for offering products or introducing a company or information.

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design og a store site

The design of a store site is suitable for everyone involved in selling goods or services and from large businesses to the smallest businesses can use these sites and expand their work. The interesting thing you 've probably dealt with on the internet is that there were even a lot of people who initially built a store site and then built stores and warehouses for themselves and are now the biggest online stores.

There are two common approaches to design websites that work on desktop and mobile phones, responsive and adaptive (responsive). In the respansive design, the content moves dynamically depending on the screen size. In the design of adobtive, the content of the Web site in design sizes that match the size of the common display screen has been proven. Maintain a layout that is as compatible as possible between devices is critical to maintaining user confidence and interaction. Since the respansive design can create problems in this field, designers need to be careful in controlling how their work appears. If they are in charge of content, while they may need to develop their skills, they use the advantage that they have complete control of

The design process is to collect the ideas and adjust the aesthetics and implement them, which is done by guiding certain principles for a particular purpose. Web design is a similar process with the purpose of providing materials in web pages that end users can access via a web browser via the Internet.

What is the design tools for the site

What is the design tools for the site? In the following, we want to answer this question, you must have thought, after reading the title, that the first tool for designing a site is a powerful computer! Yes, you think the most basic tool for the designer is to prepare a computer or a strong swing that can execute programs and coding programs so that all the attention of the designer is focused on the main task. The next step of the Web design tools with regard to the steps you have read will be different, but one of the main web design tools is the same programming languages and frames of that language selected according to the designer's taste and the site model.

There are currently millions of sites all over the world - - none more than 28 years old - - in fact the world's first site designer, Tim  Lee, who designed the World Wide Web site, which belonged to the World Wide Web, or none. The world "s first site is still available at http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html, and you can visit this link and see that the world" s first site in the world has nothing missing from original

I recommend you to visit the world's first site and see how easy it is to do everything that comes at the beginning of the road, and it's a chef - d ' oeuvre in your time! As you visit the first site in the world, you find that there is no image, no graphics, even your coloring.

Sites that were then designed were the same until more advanced browsers were developed by Netscape and Microsoft, which were browsers and فایرفاکس in the absence of Google Chrome and Firefox in those years. in continuation with the advent of Java script and HTML languages, the websites began to form better and enjoyed more graphics

What are the tasks of a front - end of the job to design the site?

front consists of all sections and site codes that are exposed to public visibility and all appearance features of a single site are designed and constructed by a team or a team. In fact, all parts of a website that are visible to visitors are the front section.

For the design and development of the front or the front - end of a site, an application to programming in HTML, CSS, JAVA - SCRIPT and a front - end developer should have enough control in these languages. Of course, usually in big projects and for sites in which graphics are particularly important, a work graphics can be used to design graphic parts such as the site icons, pictures of different departments, and the colour and colour of the site. 

طراحی سایت web design سئو seo

what is seo

The word "SEO" stands for search engines for search engines, we all use search engines such as Google or Bing, the fact is that search engines are only one robot, not a man, so we need to use specific principles of search for them and try to lead the search results using different techniques.

In static sites, the only part of the task is done, i.e. each site's pages are independently designed and loaded onto the server

On the static sites of the site, the site manager can't change the content of the site, or to learn the site's design to change it, or to hire a site designer to make changes that he wants to do. Usually, the use of static sites has become very low when highly professional content management systems such as wordpress have been applied. The static sites are usually used to design small corporate sites or sites that will not be changed for a long time.

website design

Web design (website design)or Web Design is the creation of an internet platform to provide services, information, display or sell products. Web design is based on domain purchase, graphic design, web page coding, content production, and compliance

web site

Web sites have different types. A person's goal may vary from site design with the target of another person from the ground to the sky. Today, it is designed for almost any purpose of a site to be used as a database of information or sales or any other purpose.

With a simple search on the Internet, you can notice a lot of business websites, E - Commerce, news and personal blogs that are active. But if you make sure the most successful of these sites are groups that followed the principles of site design and optimization and customisation to display information on its website to customers or visitors. 

طراحی سایت web design سئو seo

What does web design really mean? Do you think you know all the steps and skills required to design a good and most visited site? What is a website design? The answer to this question seems very

What does web design really mean? Do you think you know all the steps and skills required to design a good and most visited site?

What is a website design? The answer to this question seems very simple. Yes, if you want to only take a quick look at the meaning of the site design, it doesn't take much of your time to respond to this question. Site design means designing and creating a website or optimizing an old site

If this is not the answer for all that you were looking for, this article is written for you. Later on, we tell you what the site design works, who is the website designer and what knowledge you need to design the site. But first of all, it's better to know where the site's design has begun and what

learning web design

You may also like to go into the design arena soon and learn its basic concepts. We have to tell you that learning the basics, and even the advanced design of the site design, is not very difficult. To train site design, you just need to learn the right resources online or in the presence of physical classes .
The most important factor in becoming a professional site designer is to learn the initial concepts from a confident reference and then gain experience. The best reference for you in web design learning can be project - driven tutorials in the field of web design and networking to obtain an initial experience in developing and developing a site during training. Instead, add more to your experience and become a professional site designer after completing training with projects in the real world.

طراحی سایت web design سئو seo

In addition to the website designers themselves, many people have to be involved in developing and maintaining a web site for a website to succeed and shine on Google results. In fact, site design is just the beginning of a big process to get the site to

Once you set up an online business, you need to design a good website before everything. In this process, in addition to the website designer, you have to co - operate with other specialists. In the following, we review the list of species, jobs and specialties associated with the launch and maintenance of the site.

You need a graphist to design buttons and appropriate logo for you

A digital marketing expert tells you what strategies you need to use to keep track of the most effective traffic on your site using online marketing techniques.

A wrighting is someone who helps you create appropriate content and pursue your targeted purpose. As you know, it is one of the most important tools to increase and attract effective traffic to the site, appropriate content, and accurate words that need to be applied. A content - producing expert next to the digital marketing expert marketing can ensure your presence on Google's first page. You can, of course, take advantage of a person as an expert in order to make your content better and more effective.

The user interface designer is another job related to the design and maintenance of the site. This person can help you create an information architecture, user - centric design, attractive design, as well as improving the visual elements of the site

As we use in the real world of color, cabinets, furniture, etc. to make the house beautiful, we can also use tools for our beautiful beauty. In other words, tools are available to us in the online world, using which we can build our data first

In the real world, we rent or buy land, then build it using concrete, cement, bars, brick, etc. In the last phase, we make it beautiful, color, ceramics, etc. This is exactly the same in the Web. First, we build our calendars, and

So in response to the web design question, we can say very simply: Everything that helps our website to be better and more beautiful is web design.

A web designer specifies how different elements of a web site, such as texts, photos, links, etc., are displayed, and location of each site of the site, such as logos, articles, menu, etc on the web page

The mistakes that the novice usually suffer is to confuse web design with web programming. In case the two concepts are quite different and should not be used elsewhere.

Web design refers to the set of tasks that create the site's apparent beauty. Basically, whatever the user encounters and sees in your monitor is the product design and web designer's work. In fact, the main task of a web designer is to design things that users directly relate to and view in their monitor

But Web programming is different. A web programmer writes a code that the user can't see and those codes do not directly affect the appearance of the site and perform at the back of the stage, for instance, taking the articles from the database or database on the back of the stage and show the user

store design

In a store design, you will be able to customize your service and service regularly and put them in appropriate tables and lists, and try to sell or offer them. The store site should be tailored to the sight of simple and beautiful customers, and it is possible that visitors at the lowest possible time may not be able to see the largest amount of products and avoid the appearance of the site. The possibility of buying and selling products on these sites should be so that the exchange is easily accomplished, and at the lowest possible time the transaction is carried out. 

With the growing use of internet and virtual community, the Internet has become a member of the family for users, but to benefit from the benefits of this virtual community, it needs to produce websites and website design. The design process is to collect the ideas and adjust the aesthetics and implement them, which is done by guiding certain principles for a particular purpose. Web design is a similar process aimed at providing materials in web pages that end users can access via a web browser via the Internet.

Perhaps you are reading this article, including those interested in the website design and wish to know how a website is designed, but if you know the steps to build a website, you will be able to set up your desired site and start earning money from it

Nowadays, in our country, electronic commerce is becoming more serious and many people are interested in setting up their businesses online, the first step to start real e - commerce is to have a website

In this tutorial, we don't want to learn programming techniques and go into technical or technical discussions, but we want to explore the path and methodology of designing a web site from the overall perspective, so you can find your way and seek to learn the expertise needed to launch a website